You are cordially invited…

Sinking Fork Creek Fest 2019

August 2-5 (any or all days)

WHERE: 1693 S. Montgomery Rd.

Cadiz, KY 42211

(The mailbox will be marked.)

FOOD: There will be a homemade smoker onsite- my dad’s friend will be BBQ’ing beef and chicken with plenty to go around on Saturday (if you’re into that kind of thing). We will eat pot luck style…bring snacks, sides in a cooler, water+beverages, and plenty of ice! If you will be there days other than Saturday, bring what you need to eat. We will have a fire ring, so simple grilling is possible. We would like to have as little waste as possible at the end of the weekend, so please bring a plate/bowl/utensils/cup for yourself and whomever is with you.

SLEEPING: My family has cleared some land for flat tent sites. Car/camper/RV camping is also possible, although there are no hook-ups. It will be dark at night and the sleeping area is a little bit away from the hang-out area, so you should bring a headlamp or other lighting.


  • This site is along Sinking Fork Creek on the Mize family land. We will not be close to electricity/running water/waste disposal, etc., so plan to be off the grid and pack out what you brought in. You will be able to drive to the site. Depending on the level of the creek, we should/might be able to swim, take a walk up the creek, explore a cave, go kayaking/canoeing- bring shoes for the water and swimming gear!

  • This is a very snake and tick-friendly environment, but you are not likely to be bothered if you are prepared…bring long pants, real shoes, and bug spray!

  • There will be a composting potty onsite for #2’s- do your other business in the woods. We will have some TP, but extra couldn’t hurt.

  • Bring whatever else you need to have a good time, including (but not limited to) musical instruments, seating, booze, fun battery-powered lighting, outdoor games, etc…